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Clubcall.com attracts up to 1,500,000 unique visitors a month. Since 1996 we have been able to provide a loyal and sports-mad user base of regulars and new readers from the UK and around the globe.
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Tablet ad placements
  • 320x100 3x on the homepage and category listing pages
  • Under story placement (approx 410px or width 100%)

Desktop ad placements
  • 300x250 - Rectangle Medium - MPU [Middle Page Unit]
  • 300x600 - Half Page
  • 728x90 - Leaderboard - top banner
  • 970x250 - Billboard
  • Under story placement (approx 410px or width 100%)
  • 178x74 free bet widget - image + text

Background ad We are able to include custom background, after we ensure it fits our styles.
Special pages
  • /freebet/ section article + banner of your choice or landing page
  • /watchnow/ link to your service
We can create new placement if required, please contact us for details. We don't do heavy ads like interstitial. We don't do pop-unders.
Feeds with content We are able to include your content feed to mix with our stories. Stories will go to Betting News. Please contact us for details.
Highlight words We can place your ads under highlighted words which are related to upcoming sport events.

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