Theo now upbeat over Arsenal future

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Theo Walcott insists he is not worried about the future at Arsenal despite the summer departures of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas.

Arsenal: Theo now upbeat over Arsenal future

Walcott has two years remaining on his Gunners contract and is believed to be keen to sign a new extension - provided he sees the club moving in the right direction this season.
Manager Arsene Wenger has done his bit recently, spending £40million on five new players prior to the transfer window closing, including Mikel Arteta and Germany defender Per Mertesacker, and now Walcott is convinced the Gunners are back on an upward curve again.
"I'm not worried about the future at Arsenal at all," he said. "New faces tend to get everyone bubbling. We all have to lift our spirits and hopefully those new signings will do the job."

Walcott admitted he was surprised to see Arsenal so active on deadline day last week but he hopes the new arrivals can have a positive impact on what has been a difficult season so far.
"I have never seen Arsenal do that in all the years I have been there." he added.
"A lot of teams leave it until so it was interesting to see. We got rid of two great players but we've brought a few in and I look forward to seeing them on Wednesday."