Howe hopeful of managerial progress

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Eddie Howe has admitted he has managerial ambitions beyond Bournemouth but he remains firmly committed to the club for now.

Bournemouth: Howe hopeful of managerial progress

Howe is one of the most highly-respected young coaches around and was linked with taking over at Arsenal recently when Arsene Wenger finally leaves the Gunners.
Others have suggested the 38-year-old will one day be the England manager and Howe admits he wants to work at the very top but knows he must continue to prove himself at Bournemouth first.

"The England job, I think, is the ultimate. I would never say no," Howe said in an interview for the BBC's Premier League Show.
"But that's not something in my immediate thoughts. My immediate thoughts is this club and this job."
Howe openly admits he will likely move on upwards from the Cherries at some point but he stressed there's nothing in the pipeline and his future is settled for now.
He added: "If I want to be the best manager I can be, I need to get 'now' right. That's why I'd say I'm fiercely ambitious for this club - if the club does well, the team does well, everyone will benefit."