Villa launch Grealish investigation

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Aston Villa boss Roberto Di Matteo has confirmed the club have launched an investigation into an incident involving Jack Grealish.

Championship: Villa launch Grealish investigation

Reports suggest the Villans midfielder was in attendance at a party at a Birmingham hotel which was eventually broken up by police in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Police are believed to have found balloons in the hotel room containing nitrous oxide, known as hippy crack, although there is no suggestion Grealish took the drug, or was one of the 12 people ejected from the hotel for being too rowdy.
Di Matteo has confirmed the club are looking into the matter and the Italian has called on the 21-year-old to "grow up" having got himself into hot water previously with his off-field behavior.

"We started an internal investigation about it, which is still ongoing. When we finish the investigation, we will see what disciplinary action to take," said Di Matteo.
"Unfortunately it has happened again. We expect our players to behave in a professional manner at all times, so it is something that we don't tolerate.
"It's important that he understands what he has, and he needs to grow up very quickly."