Hamilton ordered to face Texas media

Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton has been ordered to face the media in Thursday's official press conference for the United States Grand Prix.

The world champion blotted his copybook at the Japanese Grand Prix last time out, behaving petulantly at his first press conference before refusing to fulfil obligations to the written media as the weekend progressed.

The British flyer was unhappy at how his earlier antics had been reported and took a stand, suggesting that he might not speak to the press again for the rest of the season.

However, the FIA have stepped in and made it clear that the three-time Formula One champion will appear alongside five of his peers at their pre-race press conference in Austin on Thursday, as per the sport’s regulations.

Hamilton trails Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg by 33 points and it is thought that the pressure of the situation might have got to the 31-year-old.

However, he has since come out fighting and stated on Monday that he is still up for the challenge and will battle for every point over the remainder of the campaign.


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