Nothing in Kvyat claims - Horner

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Red Bull chief Christian Horner has denied that Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat was asked to let Max Verstappen pass him in Singapore.

Formula 1: Nothing in Kvyat claims - Horner

There have been claims that Red Bull, who also own Toro Rosso, made it clear during Sunday's race that Kvyat should allow Verstappen to get past him on the circuit as the latter chased down the Ferrari duo of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.
However, Horner has dismissed the suggestions and said it was a good battle between the drivers and the teams as they all went after valuable points.

"No they were racing each other," Horner insisted. "The points for Toro Rosso are just as valuable for us and I doubt Kvyat would have listened too much anyway.
"I thought it was good racing between the two guys. They are fighting for points for their battle in the Constructors’ championship," he added. "Danny drove firmly but fairly so I didn’t have any issue with it."
Verstappen ended the race in sixth while Kvyat finished ninth to leave Red Bull second in the constructors' standings on 316 points and Toro Rosso down in seventh on 47 points.