South Africa agree to Senegal replay

International Football

South Africa have agreed to replay their World Cup qualifier with Senegal after the match official was found guilty of match fixing.

Bafana Bafana originally won the contest 2-1 in November last year but the referee for the game, Joseph Lamptey of Ghana, was subsequently found guilty of manipulating the result and received a lifetime ban from all footballing activity.

Following an appeal, the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld Lamptey’s ban and FIFA confirmed last week that the match would have to be replayed.

The South African Football Association (SAFA) did consider appealing against the decision to replay the match but have now released a statement confirming they have accepted the verdict.

“We have decided that we will comply with the FIFA directive to replay the match against Senegal at a date to be decided,” SAFA said in a statement.

“We have, however, noted that the official at the centre of all this controversy has appealed his case to the courts of law and if the courts overturn the decision, everything becomes null and void and SAFA will reserve its right to challenge the decision of FIFA to replay the match.

“SAFA’s zero tolerance on corrupt activities within football are well documented and it is in this light that we decided to comply with the FIFA directive.”

The match will be replayed during November’s international break and Senegal are now in a strong position to qualify for next summer’s finals while South Africa’s hopes of reaching Russia are all but over.