Loan deal unlikely says Turner

Shrewsbury Town

Shrewsbury manager Graham Turner has admitted they are 'unlikely' to complete a loan deal this week.

The Shrews face in-form Torquay this weekend and are missing defenders Shane Cansdell-Sheriff, Reuben Hazell and Connor Goldson and Turner is aware that the area needs bolstering.

“Nothing’s changed on our thoughts that right at the moment we could do with a another defender in,” he told the club’s official website.

“I would think it’s unlikely before the weekend. Having said that Shane Cansdell-Sheriff is making very good progress and joining in with the warm-ups. Reuben Hazell is making good progress and Connor Goldson is not far off so the urgency diminishes with each day that goes by.”

Turner has revealed he has received promises from clubs that he can sign their players, if they are available once the loan window opens again on Wednesday.

“We’ve been promised one or two players that we’ve enquired about, if they were available they would let us know.”