Johnson pleased with Skiverton partnership

Yeovil Town

Yeovil manager Gary Johnson is happy with the way he and assistant Terry Skiverton are working together at Huish Park.

Johnson returned as Glovers boss on January 9, taking over from Skiverton, and some questioned at the time whether or not the dynamic would function properly in the circumstances.

But after three weeks in the job, Johnson insists there is no friction between the two.

“Terry Skiverton is still here and very much a part of what we’re doing, and hopefully that will give the players the confidence to play their game in an atmosphere of positivity,” he told Press Association Sport.

“I think Terry was a bit worried at first. You don’t want to be BBC as they say – balls, bibs and cones – and certainly there was no way he was going to be that and we were always going to work very closely.

“These few weeks have shown Terry my idea of our partnership and I think anything he was worried about has now been cleared.”