Defender looks ahead

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Liverpool centre half Jamie Carragher says he would rather leave the club than become just a bit part squad player.

Liverpool: Defender looks ahead

The 32-year-old says he knows there will come a time when he is not the first choice in the centre of defence and he does not want to hang around and be a surplus part to the team, preferring to leave for first team football somewhere else. "The idea of being described as a 'squad player' doesn't appeal to me," he told the News of the World.
"I dread to think the time might come to play somewhere other than Liverpool. For as long as I'm good enough to be in the team here, I'm playing and I feel physically I can do myself justice, there's nowhere else I'd want to be.

"But like anyone at this stage of their career, I have no choice but to think about the possibilities beyond that.
"I've only ever known one club, but I'm interested in how other clubs operate. There's more to football than The Liverpool Way and I'd like to hear different ideas."