Director quits Reds over abusive email

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Director Tom Hicks Jr has resigned from the Liverpool board after he was accused of sending an abusive email to a concerned supporter.

Liverpool: Director quits Reds over abusive email

Stephen Horner emailed the son of co-owner Tom Hicks Senior an extract from the Liverpool Echo's Blood Red column which looked at the challenges for boss Rafa Benitez due to the lack of finances available to the Spaniard.
However he was sent two emails back, the first calling Mr Horner "an idiot," before a second response which allegedly told Horner: "B*** me f*** face. Go to Hell. I'm sick of you."

Horner did reveal that Hicks Jr sent a third apologetic email late on Saturday which said: "Stephen, I apologise for losing my temper and using bad language with you. It was a kneejerk reaction. Tommy."
Despite the apology Hicks Jr has bowed to pressure from fans to step down from his position at the club with immediate effect.