Gerrard delays Liverpool future D-day

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Steven Gerrard has plunged his Liverpool future into doubt by suggesting it will be time consider to his options after the World Cup.

Liverpool: Gerrard delays Liverpool future D-day

Liverpool's failure to maintain their top four status and the loss of income and prestige from not playing in the Champions League means speculation rages about whether it may be time for Gerrard to move this summer, but he says he won't even think about it for the next month.
Gerrard said in the Daily Star Sunday: "I won't consider my future or think about what is going to happen to me until after the World Cup.

"After the World Cup you have three or four weeks of holiday to consider what the next best move will be for you."
The 29-year-old came closest to leaving the club in 2004 when Jose Mourinho took over at Chelsea and demanded his signature.
The 'Special One' is now set to take over at Real Madrid and could make a similar request, with Manchester City also ready to pay a British domestic record fee to complete the potential transfer.