Richards - United are 'frightened'

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Micah Richards believes Manchester United are "a bit frightened" of Manchester City ahead of this weekend's derby at Old Trafford.

Man City: Richards - United are 'frightened'

City are two points ahead of United at the top of the table and will play their first derby game at the home of the reigning champions in the absence of the banner that has taunted them for not winning a trophy in 35 years.
Richards, a relative veteran of the fixture having played in 10 derbies, insists City are ready to shrug off their noisy neighbours tag and build on their FA Cup success from last season.

"United now know, much as they won't say it, that we are a genuine threat to them," the 23-year-old defender told the Manchester Evening News. "To get that banner down is quality - we have got the last laugh.
"We are not going out and saying we will win this game or that game but they call us the noisy neighbours. I think they're a bit frightened."