Mancini aims dig at 'diver' Young

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Ahead of Sunday's Manchester derby, Roberto Mancini has hit back at Sir Alex Ferguson's penalty jibe, labelling Ashley Young a diver.

Man United: Mancini aims dig at 'diver' Young

Ferguson hit out at the amount of penalties their local rivals have received this season, saying there would be an "inquiry in the House of Commons" if United had got the same number.
Since the start of the 2010-11 season City have been awarded 20 Premier League spot-kicks at home to Manchester United's 13 and they have had more this term.
However, last season United were given nine penalties at Old Trafford - one more than their neighbours. Those facts mattered little to Ferguson, though, as he launched into a tirade against City.

"The number of penalty kicks they get - 21 in the last year or something like that," Ferguson said. "If we got that number of penalty kicks there'd be an inquiry in the House of Commons. There'd be a protest."
Mancini has seen through Ferguson's tired mind games and hit back, saying Young, who was rebuked by Ferguson himself last season for going to ground too readily, has won United some spot-kicks.
He said: "I remember very well last year, with Young swimming. I think four or five times in the last 10 games, and then (Ferguson) didn't say anything, but this can happen."