UEFA Increases Champions League Final Tickets


The Champions League final is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and UEFA has decided to make a choice that should benefit spectators.

The 2020 UEFA Champions League final is scheduled to take place at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Turkey on May 30, 2020, although the coronavirus situation is expected to have an impact on this.

Millions of soccer fans worldwide watch the Champions League, but UEFA provides a limited number of tickets for the finals. Recently, it was decided to allocate more Champions League final tickets to fans. Read on to learn more about it.

The Allocation of UEFA Champions League Finals Tickets

The UEFA Champions League final attracts thousands of soccer fans each year from all over the world. Some people criticised UEFA in previous Champions League editions for allocating few final tickets.

This year, it has increased the number of tickets it allocated to each Champions League finalist by four per cent. Therefore, the number of spectators in the 2020 final will be eight per cent higher than that in last season’s final game.

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur were the finalists in the 2019 UEFA Champions League season. The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid hosted the game. It has a capacity of 68,000 people.

UEFA gave each team 16,613 to distribute to their supporters. This year’s final will take place in the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Turkey – it has a capacity of 72,000 fans.

There will be 20,000 tickets alloted to each finalist to share among their supporters. Soccer enthusiasts can get the latest Champions League football fan news from different sportsbooks. It is normal for football fans to criticise UEFA about the number of Champions League final tickets it allots to each finalist.

Some fans complain when it increases its allotment to the crews but many Champions League supporters were pleased by UEFA’s decision to increase the final tickets this season.

UEFA gave soccer fans one week to apply for the final tickets. It sold a maximum of two tickets to each person. About 6,000 were available through a normal sale. Nevertheless, many people might miss watching the Champions League final this year.

The seat’s prices range from €70 to €600. The class 1 tickets are the most expensive since they are centrally positioned. Also, you need to consider accommodation and flight costs. The application deadline for the tickets was March 12, 2020.

The Champions League final tickets are grouped into different classes, including:

  • Class 1: €600 centrally position
  • Class 2: €450 primarily positioned within corners
  • Class 3: €180 behind the goals
  • Class 4: €70 on the decrease degree and behind the goals
  • Wheelchair: €70, 1 companion and 1 wheelchair consumer
  • Straightforward Entry: €70,1 companion and 1 quick access ticket

UEFA allowed sports fans to apply for any Champions League final tickets on its website. Tickets of supporters of the tournament’s finalists will be available after the semi-finals. The football association might sell them through membership ticketing.

UEFA Champions League supporters were supposed to apply for tickets for the final game on UEFA’s website before March 13, 2020. The international football association provided more than 6,000 fans to soccer fans.

Also, it offered an additional 40,000 tickets for the supporters of the teams that would reach the final of the Champions League tournament. UEFA prohibits unauthorised transfer or resale of the final tickets.