SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster in the dark over “vague allegations”


Scottish Professional Football League chief says ‘we have no idea what it was we’re supposed to have done wrong’.

Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster says he is in the dark over Rangers’ insistence he is suspended from his role following the vote to end the Scottish league season.

Rangers claimed to have “alarming” evidence that raised serious concerns over the process of the recent ballot on the termination of the season and called for Doncaster and SPFL legal advisor Rod McKenzie to be suspended, but refused to hand over any proof.

The Gers also accused the SPFL of “bullying” clubs into voting for the plan to end the three lower divisions and possibly the Premiership, which was backed by four out of five clubs.

“It has been several weeks and we’ve had absolutely no idea what it was that we were supposed to have done wrong,” Doncaster told BBC Sportsound.

“We’ve had all sorts of rumour and innuendo, vague allegations but nothing specific. It’s not even a question of evidence. We don’t even know what the charges are.

“I’m hearing that this alleged dossier of evidence is due to be circulated this week. We look forward to seeing what’s in it because the sooner we can get this dealt with and move on the better.”

“It’s extremely disappointing that these vague allegations are out there with no one actually coming forward and saying, ‘I was bullied by someone within the SPFL staff’.

“I do not believe for a moment that anyone has been bullied by a member of the SPFL staff. Least of all myself.”