A Bookmaker has Already Started Paying Out on Liverpool to Win the Premier League


Millions of soccer fans watch English Premier League games. The Premier League is one of the most competitive tournaments globally.

It features top-flight teams from England. The 2019/2020 Premier League season started three months ago. Betway announced last Saturday that it would payout on Liverpool. Read on to learn more about the bookie’s claim.

Publicity Stunts from Bookies

Some betting firms offer payouts on popular sports events. It helps them widen their clientele. But, outright bets have lost their popularity in the UK of late. Many punters place in-play bets as the Premier League season develops. Liverpool has a high chance of winning the 2019/2020 Premier League title.

Publicity stunts have caused some bookies to incur huge losses. For example, Paddy Power made a $6.5 million loss in 2016 when Americans voted Donald Trump as the president. Bookies are known to make huge profits from unprecedented victories. Unfortunately, most of them lost in Trump’s election. Paddy Power had done a publicity stunt before the election claiming it would pay more than $1 million to gamblers who supported Hillary Clinton.

Betway’s Payout Claim

Liverpool FC has displayed an incredible performance this season. It hasn’t lost any game so far. The English club has 12 wins and one draw. They defeated Crystal Palace 2-1 last weekend thus widening their margin with the second team. Roberto Fermino scored the winner for Liverpool. Chelsea, Manchester City, and Leicester City are competing for the second position in the league standing. Alan Alger said that Betway will payout wagers supporting Liverpool as the league champions.

Liverpool was the second favorites when the Premier League started in August. The club shocked most soccer fans when it won several EPL games consecutively. It is difficult for the club to lose eight points in a row in upcoming games.

Alan stated that their current form inspired the bookie to give payouts early. He admitted that they are risking since the English side has more than 20 games left before the season ends. Last season, Liverpool were 10 points ahead of Manchester City. But, City caught up with them and won the title. 

Pep Guardiola’s side has lost the focus they had last season. Liverpool is nine points ahead of Manchester City. City might play nine games in December including a Club World Cup game and a Merseyside derby. Liverpool will be unbeatable if it doesn’t lose any game this festive season. They might win their first league title since 1989.

The Second Position Race

If Jürgen Klopp’s side maintain their current performance, three clubs will be on a tight race for the second position. Manchester City is likely to beat Chelsea and Leicester City. It can reduce its nine-point margin with the Reds if it wins all games in December.

Betway is one of the leading sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. It announced on November 23rd that it would pay out future bets supporting Liverpool as the league winners. Some sports analysts claim that the British bookmaker made a public stunt since the Premier League started a few months ago. Liverpool is the current leader in the league standing with eight points ahead of Leicester City.