Liverpool fan takes replica Premier League trophy for photo at Old Trafford


And the photographer was a Manchester United fan.

A Liverpool fan has wasted no time in rubbing rival fans’ noses in the Reds’ maiden Premier League triumph.

Shahid Malji from east London decided to take a replica Premier League trophy to Old Trafford and the Etihad for a couple of celebratory photos after Jurgen Klopp’s side sealed the title.

The 45-year-old said the photo at Old Trafford was in response to “the last 30 years from all these Manchester United fans” referencing the Manchester side’s 13 Premier League trophies.

Liverpool fan Shahid Malji holds a replica Premier League trophy at Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium
(Mubarak M Patel)

“After we’d beaten Man United 2-0 I ordered the Premier League trophy online because I thought that was it, we were 16 points clear at that stage,” Malji told the PA news agency.

He also bought a Reds shirt with ‘Klopp 19’ on the back, referencing Liverpool’s 19 top-tier titles, before heading to Anfield for a photo at the gates.

But he decided that was not the only ground he wanted to visit.

“The visiting the ground stuff was spontaneous,” he said.

“The amount of stick I’ve got over the last 30 years from all these Man United fans, I thought it was right to do that, in that kind of way, to rub it in a bit more.”

Malji said a few cars honked at him as they drove past, before he headed for Manchester City’s stadium for one last picture.

“City being our biggest rival at the moment, I thought it was important,” he said.

Liverpool fan Shahid Malji holds a replica Premier League trophy at Anfield
(Mubarak M Patel)

The Reds fan added he “didn’t feel the need to take it anywhere else”, and said he had hoped to be present at Liverpool’s final home league game of the season, before the coronavirus pandemic thwarted that idea.

And as if taking a replica trophy to the grounds of Liverpool’s rivals wasn’t enough, there was a little salt left to rub into the wound.

“The best thing is my photographer is a United fan,” he said. “He was the only one around!”