Martinez wants diving action

Wigan Athletic

Wigan boss Roberto Martinez says the referees need to clamp down on diving but can understand why players do it.

Diving is once again in the spotlight and so is Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, who was accused by Stoke boss Tony Pulis of try to con the referee during last weekend’s goalless draw.

Martinez has now had his say on the debate and believes it is a cultural issue as players from some countries are brought up thinking it is acceptable to go down easy to win a free kick or penalty.

“You need to understand why players dive,” Martinez said. “I’m not saying it is right. But we need to understand that this player has been told that that was right and was just doing his job on the football pitch.

“When you are a young player in one country they will tell you that it is a good thing to do and in another one we all know that we don’t want to see diving and that’s just the cultural differences you get in the modern game, especially in the Premier League.

“(When you come to England) you really understand that it is wrong to do it and you cannot do it and you really buy into it and you understand the meaning of it.

“(In) other countries they don’t see it that way…they see it that both teams are allowed to do anything to try and get a decision from a referee and that it is down to the referee to make the right call and that is an impossible job.”