Johnson won't bow to Wilshere

Norwich, Updated:
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Norwich's Bradley Johnson admires Jack Wilshere but refuses to be intimidated by the player he must try and contain on Saturday.

Norwich: Johnson won't bow to Wilshere

Wilshere is expected to return for the Barclays Premier League showdown at the Emirates Stadium after spending the last six weeks recovering from an ankle injury.
The 21-year-old is Arsenal's most influential figure but Johnson, who played non-league football for four years before joining Leeds in 2008, is relishing the prospect of their midfield duel.

"You want to play against the best and Jack is a terrific player, but on the day he's just another player in front of me who I want to beat," he said.
"I won't be fazed by how good he is, I'll try my best against him and hopefully we'll get the win."