Coach considers his future

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Boxing trainer Enzo Calzaghe has indicated he could retire from the sport after his son's upcoming fight with Roy Jones Jnr.

Other Sports: Coach considers his future

Joe Calzaghe has already indicated that his bout with the American in New York will be the last time he steps in the ring, but it was thought his father would continue to coach other fighters.
The 59-year-old Enzo though admits he has 'fallen out of love' with boxing and is seriously considering shutting his famous gym in Wales and calling it a day.
An ongoing legal battle between Joe and promoter Frank Warren has led to speculation that some of Calzaghe Snr's fighters could look to move to another coach.
Speaking to the BBC, Enzo Calzaghe admitted: "I am certainly considering my future in the sport.

"You've got to love what you do and I feel like quitting boxing every day because I'm not loving it anymore."
When asked 'Why?', he added: "It could be because I've achieved every goal in boxing and won every award there is to be won?
"Or could it be the ups and downs of boxing politics.
"But these days I've got to give myself a kick up the backside every morning to make myself enjoy it."