Howe – We will keep British core


Bournemouth coach Eddie Howe says he will continue to try and keep a British core within his squad going forward.

The Cherries have enjoyed another strong start to life in the Premier League, with Howe’s men currently sitting pretty in 10th ahead of the clash against Arsenal on Sunday.

Bournemouth’s style of play has been compared to that of the Gunners in recent weeks and Howe admits Arsene Wenger has had a huge influence on his career.

He has recently enjoyed trips to Spain and Italy to look at possible signings and coaching methods but the 38-year-old insists he will continue to stick with domestic players.

“It’s important in a sense that this is a conscious decision we took as a football club to not disrupt the dressing room too much, to keep a British core,” he told Sky Sports.

“I think a lot of that is dictated by our finances, our scouting. The structures don’t really fit that we can take too many chances in the foreign market, where we’re uneducated on certain things that we need to be educated on before making that final call.

“So we’ve gone for a more British core to keep the players together for longer, to keep a young group and try and make them better through time and a lot of coaching.”