Palace consider selling Selhurst Park name

Crystal Palace

Chairman Steve Parish is willing to consider renaming Selhurst Park for financial reasons and hopes the fans will understand.

Crystal Palace are hoping to redevelop the ground at a cost of £100m and Croydon council will consider the planning application for a new main stand on April 19.

The development will increase the stadium’s capacity from its current 26,000 to 34,000 but it is unclear whether it will be given the green light.

The sums of money involved mean that any extra revenue that can be generated will be welcomed, and Parish told Standard Sport that he would be prepared to sell the naming rights if the figures added up.

‘If it was the right number and something that helped us build it better or faster then it is something we would look at it,’ he said.

‘Selhurst Park is a nice name… probably I would not personally mind as much because my goal is improving the club.

‘My primary focus is to make the club better. But all of these things have to be weighed up. We are not going to give them up easily.’

Club identity has always been important and a change of name would be met with opposition in some quarters, but Parish has urged the supporters to get behind the idea as it will be for the benefit of everyone connected with the Eagles.

‘I think people would understand if it is the right answer for the club and if it is a good association as well. That matters,’ he added.

‘It might make the difference between doing it exactly how we want and making some compromises. It is not a decision that we would definitely do it. We would look at all options.’