Martinez ideas backed by Howard


Everton keeper Tim Howard says he is loving the Roberto Martinez revolution which the club are currently undergoing.

Martinez arrived over the summer when David Moyes quit to join Manchester United and he was going to use a different style of play, but the players appears to have bought into the new ideas very early and the performances have been, in the main, excellent.

The USA keeper says the Premier League can expect more of the same as Martinez is set to use the same system for every game and will not be changing it, even when they come across top teams.

Howard said: “It’s been great. There’s been some key points that we’ve been asked to take on board and every week is different.

“We do that and we push forward and try to impact the game in a positive way. It’s been exciting, it’s been a good change and the players seem to have bought into it so it’s working.

“The manager believes in our game plan and our system and he doesn’t really alter that very much according to who the opponent is.

“In terms of the British game, that goes against a lot of the mentality, but it seems to have worked for us.”


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