La Liga President warns UEFA over extending season too long, ignore him

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp refused to be downbeat after watching his side lose 2-1 against Sevilla at Fenway Park on Sunday.

La Liga President Javier Tebas has thrown English football’s plans to continue the season to a close into doubt after saying they must be finished by July.

The Premier League and the FA should tell him to keep his nose out.

We have long known that foreign interests enjoy sticking their noses into our business and that is repeated time and time again in football, the UK had a perfectly working transfer system until UEFA enforced Bosman on everyone with all those repercussions that followed.

This latest intervention though must be resisted at all costs for public health reasons alone if not for anything else. Tebas has no power over what goes on in other leagues but he will ensure his voice is heard in Europe – and UEFA must be strong enough to ignore him.

On Thursday, the FA, Premier League and EFL all said that the season will be allowed to continue until it’s natural conclusion however long that might be and most right minded football fans breathed a sigh of relief.

Apart from those with what appears to be vested interests, most fans want the season to be completed with the right clubs winning titles and being promoted, along with the right ones going down as well.

That has been thrown into doubt again by Tebas who says all the top leagues in Europe must start again by mid-May at the latest in order to complete their domestic competitions by the end of June.

Hopefully all leagues will be able to start playing again before that mid-May deadline but what if they cannot, what happens then?

Tebas is suggesting that the Premier League will have to just end their season before all the games have been played.

Meaning Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp will not be able to celebrate the title properly with the Reds.

There would be chaos at the bottom of the table with clubs going down without having completed their fixtures and the race for Champions League football would also be finished with some teams just missing out without having been given the opportunity to complete their fixtures.

Health-wise, it may not be possible to start the league by this suggested deadline – hopefully it will be – but the plans to let clubs finish the season properly must be adhered to and they must not let their intentions be scuppered by the President of the Spanish League. Time to stand firm!