Dalglish happy chappy


Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish was delighted to get his star-studded trio of attacking stars together at last in Sunday's 6-1 FA Cup hammering of Brighton.

The Anfield mauling was the first time Steven Gerrard, Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez have started a match together.

That the latter two scored and Gerrard was his usual influential self bodes well ahead of Sunday’s Carling Cup final against Cardiff at Wembley.

However, Dalglish was also keen to point out that Liverpool are now favourites for the FA Cup and still in the hunt for a Champions League place, which the Scot believes the remainder of his squad should get due credit for.

“The three of them are fantastic footballers and they played really well,” said Dalglish. “The more any team gets iconic players like they are on the pitch the better chance they have of being successful. But we have got more than three players.

“The fact we have done as well as we have and that was the first time the three of them have started a match tells you how well the other boys have done. We will stand and be counted as a squad and I don’t think we have done too badly this year.”