Poch admits clear-the-air-talks with Levy were needed

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has admitted he has held clear-the-air talks with chairman Daniel Levy.

It has been a difficult start to the season for Spurs in many respects and a positive result is needed when they take on arch rivals Arsenal in today’s north London derby.

However, speculation circulating on social media has claimed he is set to walk away after the game.

The rumour mill has claimed that Pochettino will walk away from his position after the match at the Emirates Stadium, leading to some bookmakers no longer taking bets on him becoming the next Premier League manager to leave his job.

It is fair to say that Pochettino has cut an unhappy figure during the first few weeks of the season.

On more than one occasions he has commented on the unsettled nature of his squad caused by the late closure of the European transfer window, which eventually shuts tomorrow.

The future of a number of players have remained shrouded in doubt, and Poch believes that has contributed to some poor performances on the pitch, including the surprise 1-0 home defeat against Newcastle last weekend.

Pochettino is not ready to walk, but clearly all is not totally well behind the scenes, with the Spurs boss admitting that clear-the-air- talks have taken place with chairman Daniel Levy this week.

Had such talks gone differently then maybe the outcome would have been different too and it is clear to see why the rumours spread like wildfire.

However, Spurs fans will be relieved to hear that the talks went well and everyone can move forward as one.

“We talked about everything,” Pochettino said. “We needed to have a conversation last week and this week the same, it was very positive, the most important thing is to help the club and the team perform and be on the same page.

“How important the communication is, and to communicate in a good place always helps.

“Nothing has changed in our personal relationship. Sometimes our vision in the professional side cannot be the same or sometimes can have some disagreement.”

The Argentinian, who is in his sixth campaign and just one year into a five-year deal, branded the rumours “stupid”.

“What can I say about a stupid rumour? After five years, now I start the sixth and you know how we work in the summer to try to rebuild and update,” he said. “Summer 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 – now we are 6.0. The new version.”