Premier League could end transfer chaos next week

Tottenham Hotspur
Christian Eriksen continues to be linked with a move away from Spurs.

Premier League clubs will get the chance to end the farcial situation of the current transfer window restrictions when they meet for talks later this month.

The changes in the rules two years ago came in with good intentions and they were the right idea at the time but they should now be put under the ‘good idea in theory but doesn’t work in practice’ file.

On the face of it, the idea that clubs and managers should get all their wheelings and dealings done before the start of the season is a sound one. It was designed so said managers did not have the rug pulled from under them two weeks into the campaign, when someone offers enough money to see their chairman counting the pound signs and the manager is left waving off his star striker with little or no chance of replacing him.

In extreme cases, the sale could actually cost the manager his job if results then did not go the right way as the chairman, who cannot understand the poor run the side are having, rushes to the bank to pocket the cash from the sale of their best player.

Tottenham have found themselves in a such a predicament this season with Christian Eriksen the subject of much speculation about him going elsewhere as his contract runs into its final year.

How would Mauricio Pochettino replace the great Dane when his hands were tied by the ruling body?

Similarly, Paul Pogba of Manchester United was linked with an exit that never materialised but a move would have thrown up some serious problems for boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Had everyone else copied England’s lead then it would have been a different matter but they did not and the other European leagues did not follow suit and could still buy or loan players from Premier League sides until September 2, compared with August 8 here.

Even Scotland could not be persuaded to go the English way and they also had until Monday night to sign new players, with Rangers landing Ryan Kent from Liverpool for £7m the biggest deal of the day.

So English club’s will get to vote to go back to the old way when they meet next week and it will be a surprise if they do not revert to the previous arrangement, a decision which will be widely welcomed.

That is until next September, when a handful of managers are left bemoaning the fact they have not got the same squad they started the season with.