Chadli on Bale

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham winger Nacer Chadli has told fans not to see him as the new Gareth Bale and claims he is a different type of player.

The Belgian international is expected to line up against Wales tonight in their final World Cup qualifier, although they have already secured their place in Brazil for next summer.

As he prepares to take on Bale’s home country, he has asked fans not to expect to see him as a like-for-like replacement as the £7 million transfer from Dutch club FC Twente does not consider himself the same sort of player at all.

Chadli said: “No, the press have maybe labelled it like that but I’m a totally different player. For a start he is left-footed and I am right-footed.

“I’m a totally different player and have a different style.

“I know the club has expectations of each of the seven players that were signed this summer, but expectations are normal and the pressure is a good thing.”