Silva suggests ageing Allardyce should know better


Marco Silva says it "does not make sense" for Everton boss Sam Allardyce to compare his track record with the Watford head coach.

Allardyce has said Silva’s record bore no comparison with his own because “he got Hull City relegated last season”.

But the ex-Sporting Lisbon and Olympiacos boss, who Everton wanted permission to speak to before appointing the ex-England boss, has suggested he should wait a good few years before his comparison can be valid.

“Go and see what he [Allardyce] was doing when he was 40 years old, or see what he was doing in his first seven seasons as a coach” Silva told The Mirror.

“Then look at what I am doing at the same age – or you can wait until I am 63 years old, and then we can compare what I have done.

“I read what he said, but when he made this comparison it does not make sense.

“It’s like me comparing the five goals [Watford forward] Richarlison has scored in the Premier League with [Stoke striker] Peter Crouch.

“Crouch is nearly 37, Richarlison is 20 – Crouch has played so many games and Richarlison far less.”