Selby making progress


World champion Mark Selby says he is on course to return to action later this month as he recovers from a broken toe.

The 34-year-old has been forced to miss the start of the season after dropping a big piece of glass on his foot during practice, but says he is lucky as it could have been much worse.

Selby spent three weeks with a special boot on his foot after suffering the freak injury at home in his snooker room, but says he was lucky not to lose his toe.

The world number one said: “I was in my snooker room when I dropped a big piece of glass on my foot. I knew I’d done something bad so I went to hospital, they did an X-Ray and said I’d broken my big toe. The doctor actually said I was lucky not to lose the toe.

“I had to wear a special protective boot for three weeks and they said it would take four to six weeks to heal. So I was hobbling around at home for a while.

“I had to pull out of the Riga Masters but I’m lucky it didn’t happen at a busier time of the season or just before the World Championship. I could still have played by limping around the table but it would have been difficult.”


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