Refs out to get me - Lee

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Sunderland skipper Lee Cattermole claims he is paying the price for his image and says referees are 'out to get him'.

Sunderland: Refs out to get me - Lee

The midfield enforcer has already picked up three bookings this season and the last one, in the draw with West Brom, saw him substituted as a precaution against him being sent off and seeing the team down to ten men.
Cattermole has been left out on a couple of occasions this season by Steve Bruce and he knows he can't afford to be considered a liability in the side but he has defended his disciplinary record.
He told Sky:"I feel like they (the referees) are out there for me at the minute.

"Maybe it's my stupid mistakes in the past that have got me that reputation, so I can't sit here and blame everyone else. I have to get rid of that reputation, but it's so hard at the minute when I find myself getting a succession of soft yellow cards.
"It affects your game. It's something I have to address, but if you put every foul I've ever made up on the television, I think there'd be one tackle which was actually a bad one.
"That was against Scott Parker when I was playing for Wigan and I've spoken to him since to apologise about it. That's the only bad tackle I've made in my career - all the rest have been genuine attempts to win the ball, not nasty attempts to hurt someone."