Tottenham Champions League Group Stage Record

Champions League
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Although Tottenham have never really threatened to win Europe’s premier football trophy, they have a surprisingly good record in the tournament, and that is especially the case when it comes to the group stage.

They have participated in the tournament four times since the name was changed to the Champions League, and qualified for the knockout round on three of those occasions. The one time they didn’t they finished third and dropped into the Europa League, meaning they have never finished as the bottom club in the group.

Spurs have participated in 24 Champions League group games so far, winning 12 of those, drawing a further six and losing six. That means 50% of games resulted in victories for them, while they lost just 25%. Any club with that kind of record is always going to have success, and it is easy to see why Tottenham have done well in the group stages and why they have been making it through to the knockout round.

Those who have been backing Tottenham to qualify from the group stages have had a winning bet on three out of the four times they have placed it, giving punters a 75% strike rate. There are many football betting offers available for punters to use when placing bets, and these will enhance your betting portfolio and give you the chance to make more profit moving forward.

One of the biggest keys to success in the Champions League is playing well and picking points up at home, and this is something that Tottenham have certainly done well since playing in the competition. They have played 12 group games at home so far, winning nine and losing three of them. On two of the four occasions they have played in the competition they have won three out of three at home in the group, and it is no surprise to see them qualify with a record like that, and this is something they would love to see continue.

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Tottenham still have a lot of work to do if they want to move up and become a team that are spoken about as potential Champions League winners. However, their record in the group stage shows that they are a very good team, and one that is more than capable of escaping the groups on a regular basis. This is something that should continue for years to come with this team, they have a solid foundation of players and importantly, a lot of them are either in their prime or younger, they do not really have many older players in the squad.