Count me out - Bilic

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Croatia boss Slaven Bilic has again ruled out taking over as West Ham boss despite being on the club's shortlist.

West Ham: Count me out - Bilic

The board have a list of candidates to take over from Alan Curbishley, who walked out last week, and although Bilic is said to be close to the top of that list he has ruled himself out of the running. West Ham had been hoping to interview Bilic prior to Croatia playing England on Wednesday but it remains to be seen if that is now going to happen.
Bilic told the Sun: "I'm not going anywhere. Any club from England is a great opportunity. Not for money, honestly, for me it's about ambition. It's about working in England, a country you know I adore. But it's like, no. West Ham is my club, I have feelings for them but I won't go. And I won't go to Newcastle."
The former Upton Park defender added: "This job is so uncertain. Look at Kevin Keegan or Alan Curbishley.

"It's only three games into the season and I'm supposed to have offers from England.
"My wish is to stay another two years here but, if I lose a couple of games and they say 'off you go' then maybe I will go.
"But my answer is clear. No, I wouldn't go as things stand. I had many offers in the period between our win at Wembley last November until I signed a new deal in May. I decided to stay. Whether that's good for me only God knows."