Taylor on the road to fitness

West Ham, Updated:
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West Ham have been handed a boost on the injury front as Matthew Taylor looks to have recovered from being knocked out last weekend.

West Ham: Taylor on the road to fitness

With no match until a week on Sunday, when the Hammers travel to Chelsea, it is hoped that Taylor will not miss any action but he was still left shaken up by the incident.
He was caught in the face by Peter Crouch's flying boot as he attempted an overhead kick and it knocked him out cold and he had to be helped from the field.
"I am not too bad. My head is fine and I am feeling a lot better," Taylor told the club's website,

"It is the first time I have been knocked out in my career, or in my life for that matter, that I can recall. If it was going to happen anywhere, then on a football pitch is not a bad place because of all the medical staff being there.
"I don't have any recollection of heading the ball. My only memory I have is the ball going over my head [from the corner] and following my runner.
"I then remember waking up in their treatment room on the treatment table. I don't have any other memory. I don't remember walking off or anything, which was a bit scary."