Martinez backs Whelan on relegation debate

Wigan, Latest news update:

Wigan boss Roberto Martinez has blasted the idea that the Premier League could scrap promotion and relegation.

LMA chief executive Richard Bevan has claimed that some foreign owners of Premier League clubs are eager to adopt the franchise model favoured by the major American sports.
Latics chairman Dave Whelan has already stressed he is vehemently opposed to the idea of scrapping promotion and relegation and now Martinez has voiced his opinion.
"We should be open to new ideas from other sports or other countries, but this is a bad idea," Martinez told the Evening Post.
"In the British game and the Mediterranean game, you need to have the prize of promotion and the punishment of relegation.
"That's what keeps football clubs aiming for dreams. If you take away that dream, you kill the ambition of all football clubs outside the top flight.
"We are probably the biggest example of a club that has followed its dream, and to stop others trying to follow in our footsteps would be wrong.
"It's so important that football protects that dream, because without dreams you don't get big achievements. It wouldn't be beneficial for anyone."
"From one point of view, I can see where they are coming from in proposing this, because it's a great model that works in certain sports in America from a financial point of view," he added.
"But it has no place in British football - and I can't see it ever taking off seriously over here."

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