We have tried to make Clubcall accessible to all our users, regardless of disability.

We have made provision for visual, cognitive and mobility disabled users in the way we have built the website, and have included features to help users use the website in the most suitable way for them

Tips to help you use Clubcall more easily
Accessible technology
Technical information about accessibility on Clubcall
If you’re still having problems using Clubcall

Tips To Help You Use Clubcall More Easily

Resizable Text

If you find the text on Clubcall too small to read, you can use your web browser to increase the size to be more legible. For details of how to do this, please see your browsers help section.

High Contrast View

You can enable the website’s high contrast view feature if the colour contrast makes Clubcall difficult to use. Click here to enable the high contrast feature. To return to the normal version of Clubcall find the links at the top and foot of the site. You may find the high contrast feature useful if you are a user with limited vision, or have a condition such as epilepsy or dyslexia. Enabling this feature will provide a view with the following features:

  • Simplified Layout
  • Dark Page Background
  • Large High Contrast Text
  • No Animated Images

Screen Reader Software

Behind the scenes we’ve made sure our website is compatible with screen reader users. This allows users with no vision to navigate and use Clubcall. For more information on screen reader software, visit our Accessible Technology section.

Browsing With The Keyboard

It is possible to use Clubcall by using the keyboard, rather than a mouse or other pointing device. This can be done by using the TAB key to move forward through the links on the page, and Shift-TAB to move backwards. Pressing the Space Bar will select form elements such as tick boxes and pressing the Return key will activate any link you are focused on.

Accessible Technology

There are numerous computer products designed to make computers and software easier to use for disabled people, including screen reading software, larger keyboards and more. If you find a computer difficult to use, you may find some helpful information at the Direct Gov website.

Technical Information About Accessibility on Clubcall

To make Clubcall an accessible website we have made specific decisions about the technology we have used. All pages of this website should be valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and use CSS for layout and colours. Where JavaScript has been used, we have tried to ensure that this does not affect the functionality of the website, so that it is useable if you do not have JavaScript enabled.

If You Are Still Having Problems Using Clubcall

Everyone using Clubcall has different needs, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone can access and use the website. If you’ve tried the steps above and are still encountering problems with the site, we would like to hear from you. To contact us, please use our Contact page, with details of the problems you have encountered, and your preferred method of contact.