Psychologist in constant communication with Arsenal players during lockdown


Mikel Arteta is making sure his players have all the help they require available.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has revealed his players have been in constant communication with a psychologist during the suspension of the Premier League.

The Gunners squad have not been together as a group since Arteta was diagnosed with coronavirus over a month ago as they self-isolated and then stayed training at home when the lockdown measures were introduced.

It is an unusual situation for the players and Arteta is keen to ensure they get any help they need.

“We have our psychologist who is looking after the players and is always in constant communication with them,” the Spaniard said.

“But as well we’re having feedback from different people and we’re constantly sending information and videos and keeping them busy.

“And as well, keeping them close to their job and close to the people that are related to their job, which is us and my coaching staff.

“But we’ve been having some really good conversations. This time has been really helpful from my side, at least, to get to know the players better, and we are trying to improve our relationship, our communication and the understanding between us.”

The immediate future of the Premier League remains uncertain with no start date in sight as the country still fights the coronavirus at its peak.

That makes it difficult for clubs to plan, especially in terms of transfers, as no one knows when the window will reopen.

Arteta says his scouting department is still in full swing and different scenarios are being planned for.

“We have a lot of meetings to try and plan the season,” he added. “We might have one, two, three different scenarios and we have to be prepared for all of them.

“I’m not a person that likes improvising a lot so yeah we have to know the circumstances can change every week and we have to be prepared as a club to react to that and adapt.

“We have some time to review what we have done as well, and the things that we have to improve as a team and as a coaching staff as well, and have a big reflection on all the departments we have across the club.

“How they are feeling as well about what we are doing, how we have set up as a club, if they have any ideas for us to improve, and we are more than welcome to help them on how the workload can be better.

“So then we make sure when we’re back, we don’t know in which condition, how long we’re going to have, we make sure we hit the ground running.”