Season gets the go-ahead but do some still want it called off?


Would football officials really have had the temerity to just cancel a season and call it null and void with less than a quarter of the campaign to go?

Following the decision by football’s ruling bodies on Thursday that the season will be allowed to reach its climax at some point in the future, despite its suspension because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is less of a worry for fans of clubs pushing for titles and promotion than there was previously.

But they shouldn’t be too complacent because there are apparently still some powerful people who would like to get the season called off.

According to reports, both West Ham and Tottenham were in favour of declaring the season null and void when the Premier League originally suspended the current campaign until April 3 – and there is no reason to see whey they should have changed their minds since.

That’s Tottenham, who by their own recent lofty standards are having a nightmare and currently sit eighth in the Premier League table with little chance of gaining even Europa League football next season, never mind securing a return to the Champions League.

Having the season cancelled and then presumably saying whoever qualified last year gets next year’s European places would suit them down to the ground and, although this is purely speculation, maybe Tottenham are privately hoping the league will be called off.

The other team who seemingly wanted the season binned off were West Ham. CEO Karen Brady wrote that the only fair thing to do was to have the season declared null and void so all promotions and, crucially, relegations would therefore be off too.

The Hammers, focusing on themselves, know they are struggling against the drop and a voided season would save them from the worry of possible relegation.

With Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool poised to pick up their first Premier League title and the once mighty Leeds United looking set, finally, to win their place back in football’s top tier, the thought of ending the season now is a horrible one for the fans of those two clubs in particular.

Those enjoying a great campaign must be wary of celebrating too early, though, as the longer the break continues, the louder the calls will be from some to have the season abandoned.

Lets hope the FA, the Premier League and the EFL stick by their guns and see the season through to a proper finish – however long it takes.