Season must be played out despite calls from some to end it


Fans of both Liverpool and Leeds United will be keeping their fingers crossed that the season is played to a conclusion amid fresh speculation that it won’t.

There are further reports on Friday that the number of Premier League clubs who want the season chalked off is growing, as there appears to be no end in sight to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Sports across the globe are trying to rearrange their calendars in order to either finish what they have started or get their season up and running.

Last week the Premier League and the EFL declared they would at all costs try and ensure the season was brought to a natural end – and that relegation and promotion would be decided in the usual way.

Many see that as vital for the integrity of the game, as to deny Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side the title now, when they are just two wins away from their first Premier League crown, would be an absolute travesty of justice.

The consequences of the season been thrown on to the scrap heap would also be enormous for some clubs trying to win a place in the Premier League.

Would Marcelo Bielsa stay at Leeds for a third year in the second tier if his side were denied the opportunity to finish their season with promotion? They currently top the Championship table and would their owners just sit back and allow that to happen? Highly unlikely.

The report claims growing numbers of club chairman think the current stance is not one that can be maintained, and that whilst the country struggles to get through the crisis, all football should be cancelled and they should just start again next season.

That cannot be allowed to happen. Football club owners and CEOs hide behind the health barrier and claim football means nothing when people are struggling with everyday life, but it is exactly because of that struggle that people need something to cling to and football is one of those things, and the current plan to finish the season as and when they can must be adhered to.

Is there a fan of any club anywhere who does not believe those calling for it to be called off, none of whom have declared it openly in this latest report, do not have some kind of ulterior motive?

If the season is binned, there would be a significant amount of people who would never have anything to do with the sport ever again, such would be their disgust.

Do not rush into any decisions and see where we are in May.