Howe already missing the game and can’t wait to get back


Despite the ban on football being a relatively new one, Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe says he is already missing the game.

Howe could forgiven for not missing much about this season as the Cherries have struggled, and continue to struggle, against relegation from the Premier League but that is not the case.

The Premier League is currently suspended until April 4 but that return looks to be wildly optimistic given recent announcements by the government and whilst Howe knows it is for the best he admits he is already missing playing the game.

Howe told the club’s TV channel that whilst he was missing the game he feels the right decisions have been made, as five of his current squad are in self isolation.

He said: “It’s strange, it’s only been a few days but already I’m missing football.

“It’s been such a strange time, something you can never foresee at the start of the season or even a couple of weeks ago, never foresee what would have happened.

“I personally think it’s the right decision. I think now we have to make sure that everyone’s health around the world takes priority. “

Howe continues to work on the training ground preparing himself and his team for their next clash, which should be when they host Newcastle, but he admits he does not know how the season will pan out in the end.

Howe is trusting the Premier League to come up with the right answers whilst he knows it will not be an easy decision on what to do if the suspension of matches continues for a long time.

He continued: “I think it’s one of those situations where we just have to wait for what the Premier League discuss and what they ultimately come up with.

“We’ll follow whatever plan is given.”